ARC POH outline - Basic ways to fit a house into its...

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Basic ways to fit a house into its environment: > > Merging: > Blends into landscape > Impression man made structure being one with > natural landscape > The better houses at Sea Ranch, Taliesin West > Claiming: > House is a clear, strong shape against background. > Intentionally different > Dominates area > Claims vistas > The beach houses at Edgartown, Greek temples, forts > on hills, Monticello, pyramids, whatever > > Enfronting: > One side is special in order to address a feature > of the site > Western town with the false building fronts, Mount > Vernon, S. Carlo alla Quattro Fontane > > Surrounding: > Surround an open source > Create a private outdoors > Partial or complete closure > Closed in by house, walls, shrubs, whatever > Gives an open sense to the building > Santa Barbara, haciendas, Falk Institute, forum at > Pantheon, plaza at Campidoglio, etc > > Traditional houses in the US claimed the site by > addressing the street and having a lot of human > activity in the front with porch, walkway, used front > door. > > Suburbs have empty lawn with all the coming and going > occurring in the back where cars park. > > The four different ways can be combined with a > building enfronting the street but having a > surrounding courtyard, etc. The Order of Dreams (pt. 2)
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First and most famous building in the Arcadian landscape: glass walled house o Captured the illusion of living in a fully transparent enclosure without looking cheap. Fallingwater o Included references to the traditional mythic elements of towers, caves… but the myth held in the composition Why past examples are important o Reflect imagination and care o Architects are concerned with the forms and images which have served as the language of expression in the arch of this past Le Corbusier o Villa Savoye Relation to a machine: ocean linear Serves as dreams being on a ships Will carry meaning long after the specifics of its reference have been lost because the dream of being in a place above the entanglements of daily life is a specific framing of psychic
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ARC POH outline - Basic ways to fit a house into its...

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