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RESEARCH PAPER ASSIGNMENT #2 Architecture and Society - ARC 308 Spring 2007 TA: Andres Lozano, Post Professional M Arch II. Email: [email protected] PAPER TWO This paper begins the analysis of your building. You will use the vocabulary that you are developing from the lectures, discussion sections, and readings to take a closer look at the issue of Form in Architecture, as exhibited by your building. You may want to use, as a starting point, the lecture topic that best describes the inspiration behind your building: ! Architecture as a Sensual/Visual Experience ! Architecture as Intellectual/Artistic Experience ! Order and Systems in Architecture ! Numbers/Mathematics/Geometry as Inspiration of Form ! Nature/Biology/Organisms as Inspiration of Form Your analysis should address the façade (front face), plan, and volume of your building. Use the information from Rasmussen’s book, Experiencing Architecture , to prompt a range of ways to look at a building.
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