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RESEARCH PAPER ASSIGNMENT #4 Architecture and Society - ARC 308 Spring 2007 TA: Andres Lozano, Post Professional M Arch II. Email: [email protected] PAPER FOUR – last one! This final paper will focus on Human Use in Architecture. You now have the benefit of an entire semester of architectural ideas and vocabulary. Use the relevant topics from the last third of the lecture series to help structure your paper: ! Designation and Organization of Use ! Architectural Determinism ! Humanism at a Personal Scale ! Humanism at the Scale of Neighborhoods/Communities/Bureaucracies ! Meaning in Architecture This section should be a result of careful thought about aspects of human use of your building, but will also reflect what you have learned throughout the semester. You will want to consider the issues presented in the lectures and in The Place of Houses , as they relate to this topic, as well as ideas from your discussion section. You may also wish to revisit your earlier papers and reflect upon what you have learned from the class
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