The Order of Dreams

The Order of Dreams - o Housing in Pessac Dreams in these...

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The Order of Dreams (pt. 2) First and most famous building in the Arcadian landscape: glass walled house o Captured the illusion of living in a fully transparent enclosure without looking cheap. Fallingwater o Included references to the traditional mythic elements of towers, caves… but the myth held in the composition Why past examples are important o Reflect imagination and care o Architects are concerned with the forms and images which have served as the language of expression in the arch of this past Le Corbusier o Villa Savoye Relation to a machine: ocean linear Serves as dreams being on a ships Will carry meaning long after the specifics of its reference have been lost because the dream of being in a place above the entanglements of daily life is a specific framing of psychic longings that exist in everyone
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Unformatted text preview: o Housing in Pessac Dreams in these houses were not recognized nor were they accepted by the people living their Especially concerned with the absence of corridors that lead to the living room (Le Corbusier built front door openings directly into living rooms) and the absence of a roof. Houses that added these corridors became unsuccessful because it never offered any suggestions to our dreams • The Order of Dreams are present in the simplest of structures, not all are exotic o Stairs and level changes o Things you walk on, stand at, and sit on- determine the casualness or dignity of daily gestures o Walls- establish qualities that have to do with the dream of being shelter and protected o Memorabilia of other times and places- most dramatic are overhead...
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