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Dunton - career that has to do with either conservation or...

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BIO 101C PRESENTATION SUMMARY Randy Bayas Rb25493 4 September 2007 Ken Dunton. 29 August 2007. Career Goals. My career interests through the study of marine biology are still under scrutiny. My first and foremost career aspiration is to become a veterinarian. I would love to work with all sorts of animals in the health field. Although this is my original goal, many other career possibilities have come to mind. I have been interested in marine life ever since I began scuba diving at around twelve years old. With that in mind, I am currently interested in a
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Unformatted text preview: career that has to do with either conservation or research work with my marine biology degree. The actual details are still being decided. Another field that interests me is marine pharmacology. I am not very sure how large this career field is or if it is even in demand. Hopefully by the end of this course I will have further researched different career opportunities in the marine biology field and will make a more educated decision dealing with career possibilities....
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