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BIO 101C PRESENTATION SUMMARY Randy Bayas Rb25493 15 October 2007 Ken Dunton. 10 October 2007. The Ecology of Artic Estuaries in a Changing Climate: The Critical Linkages to Watersheds Ken Dunton, from UTMSI, presents the ideas of climate change impacts in the Artic. One topic of interest from the presentation is that of increasing surface air temperature (SAT) in Northern Europe and the Artic. According to research very recently gathered, the warming measured across the Artic is 2-3 times that of increases measured globally. The warming of the SAT across the Artic has triggered a positive feedback loop. This loop is caused by light waves being reflected by the white ice and being reabsorbed into the atmosphere. When the SAT increases, the ice melts causing the blue waters to absorb the light, further perpetuating ice melt. Evidence of melting is seen from satellite pictures, which were presented in Mr. Dunton’s presentation. According to the data derived from the photos, the perennial ice has been less every year for the last 4
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