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BIO 101C PRESENTATION SUMMARY Randy Bayas Rb25493 31 October 2007 Izhar A. Khan. 24 October 2007. Brain Hormones and Fish Reproduction. Dr. Khan’s presentation on brain hormones and fish reproduction was quite difficult to follow. Although very interesting, the complexity of the material proved to deter interest away from the neurological aspect of marine biology. From what is believed to be correct, Dr. Khan’s experiment involves a neurotransmitter kisspeptin and its receptor GPR54. The focus of the experiment is on GnRH – I or sbGnRH (seabass) and how this hormone is hypothesized to correct hypogonadotropic hypogonadism due to a mutation in GPR54. The experiment was conduced by injecting fish with GnRH and testing to see if there is localization on neuron elements. In croaker brain areas (organism being tested) co-localization of GPR54 on sbGnRH is found. This result shows that there is localization of GPR54 protein expressing multiple GnRH. The second question, can kisspeptin induce sbGnRH, is answered by looking at mRNA to see if synthesis is going
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