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BIO 101C PRESENTATION SUMMARY Randy Bayas Rb25493 5 December 2007 Holt. 28 November 2007. The Role of Fish Culture in Conservation of Coral Reef Fishes. This week, Dr. Holt from the Marine Science Institute presents the role of fish culture in conservation of coral reef fishes. Dr. Holt’s study involves breeding coral reef fishes in a controlled environment in order to protect the natural habitats that can be destroyed when the fish are captured. The use of cyanide to stun and capture live coral reef fish is very common in the Philippines and Indonesian archipelagos. This irresponsible use of cyanide damages corals often causing coral bleaching. Dr. Holt hopes to change the way in which aquariums and collectors get their ornamental fish. Dr. Holt’s hypothesis is that marine tropical fish can be spawned and raised in captivity to supply the aquarium trade. Culture techniques developed in the research laboratory can be transferred to commercial production. The experiment uses large water
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