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BIO 101C FINAL ESSAY Randy Bayas 11 December 2007 Through the course of the last four months, we were presented with a variety of topics dealing with the study of marine science. The wide range of topics presented opened up new insight on what our future might bestow. One of the presentations that sparked the most interest on my behalf was Dr. Dunton’s presentation on “The Ecology of Artic Estuaries in a Changing Climate: The Critical Linkages to Watersheds.” Dr. Ken Dunton, of the Marine Science Institute, presented a topic that has been of growing interest in society today. An increasing number of questions regarding the ecological effects all the way to global climate change arise as soon as new research is published. Being at the forefront of the study of how our climate works is a great interest of mine. Some sampling methods used in Dr. Dunton’s research is gathering samples of water from research vessels in the Artic. This can be unfavorable to some, but I do not mind the conditions of spending time on a ship. Through this course my understanding of marine science has in fact been
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