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BIO 101C PRESENTATION SUMMARY Randy Bayas Rb25493 14 November 2007 Chris Shank. 7 November 2007. Natural sunscreen protection for corals in the Florida Keys. Dr. Shank presents the topic of natural sunscreen protection for corals in the Florida Keys. His study includes the testing of UV penetration on corals near shore and offshore. The tests are completed by doing field transects using a satlantic micropro, which measures tem & light profiles. The researchers take this data and compare it with long- term monitoring data. It has been discovered that the coral’s natural sunscreen is actually Chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM). CDOM acts as a natural sunscreen by absorbing photons of light energy. The primary sources of CDOM in natural waters are: Biodegraded terrestrial vegetation (freshwater wetlands), Phytoplankton (open ocean & productive estuaries), and Mangroves & Seagrasses (tropical lagoons). The hypothesis for this experiment is that CDOM act as a natural sunscreen, effectively absorbing photos
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