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Problem set #6 2009 Submitted by [email protected] on 2/22/2009 9:23:00 PM Points Awarded 17 Points Missed 3 Percentage 85% Protein: Terms/Concepts 1. What is a polypeptide? A. A strand of multiple amino acids bonded by peptide bonds. B. An amino acid that has multiple side chains. C. Two amino acids bound by more than one peptide bond. D. An amino acid with more than one nitrogen atom attached. E. A unique chemical structure attached to the backbone of an amino acid. Right 2. What type of amino acids can ONLY be replenished with food? A. Recycled amino acids B. Essential amino acids C. Conditionally essential amino acids D. Nonessential amino acids Right 3. What is the main function of enzymes? A. Help resist disease or infection B. Facilitate chemical reactions C. Act as a chemical messenger D. Helps keep pH constant Right Protein: dietary needs 4. Which part of the amino acid gives each its identity? A. Acid Group B. Nitrogen C. Carbon D. Amine group E. Side chain
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5. Which term describes combining two incomplete protein sources to make up for amino acids that are lacking in the other food? A. Protein Supplementation B. Amino Acid Supplementation C. Electrolyte Balance D. Complementary Lipoproteins E. Mutual Supplementation Right 6. Injury or illness can trigger the release of messengers that signal the body to break down some of the proteins found in one’s muscle and skin. What is the result of this process called? A. nitrogen efficiency B. negative nitrogen balance C. nitrogen equilibrium D. positive nitrogen balance Wrong 7. About how many essential amino acids exist? A. 5 B. 20 C. 15 D. 100 E. 9 Right Protein: Amino acids 8. What are essential amino acids (AA)? A. AA that are synthesized by the pancreas B. AA that are synthesized by the liver C. AA that are synthesized by the stomach D. AA that cannot be synthesized by the body E. AA that are synthesized in amounts sufficient to carry out physiological functions Right 9. True/False: A mistake in the sequence of amino acids can be the cause of some diseases. A.
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Problem set6 - Problem set #6 2009 Submitted by...

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