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Concrete Construction - Concrete Construction...

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Concrete Construction Application -Foundations -Walls -Pile Caps -Columns & beams -Supported slabs (upper stories) 1) Cast in place / site cast 2) Precast 3) Pretensioned 4) Post tensioned Types of Concrete Construction 1) Unreinforced (plain concrete) 2) Reinforced Concrete materials Concrete strength -Compressive -Tension -Bending -Elasticity Reinforcing Materials 1) Deformed bars 2) Wire mesh Reinforcing Bar sizes -Strength -Fabrication Reinforcement placement -Bar support -Coverage requirements Minimum Coverage Requirements -3” Construction on ground -1.5” Exposed to weather -.75” Not exposed to weather (slabs, walls, joists) -1.5” Beams not exposed to weather Accessories -Splices -Anchor rods/bolts -Other anchoring systems -Sleeves -Beam pockets -Reglets -Brick ledges
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Layout and coordination -GC provides 1) Benchmarks 2) Main N/S & E/W axis lines -Foundation contractor lays out detailed work Forming -Leased vs. owned -Reuseable metal forms -Plywood or wood forms -Form ties -Form bracing Structural Considerations for Forming -Lateral bracing -Shoring systems -Form blow out Height Thickness -Spacing, ties, whalers, studs Concrete Placement Methods -Direct chute -Pumping -Crane bucket -Wheeled cart -Tremie Placement Concerns -Voids -Vibration -Segregation Masonry Construction Mortar: Mason work -The five typical mortar mixes designated types M, S, N, O and K are labeled so because each is an alternative letter in the term Mason work in descending psi strength M – 2,500 psi S – 1,800 psi N – 750 psi O – 350 psi K – 75 psi Type N mortar -This uses a 1 / 1 / 6 mix and results in a mortar with a 750 psi compressive strength. -Type N is the normal, general purpose mortar mix and can be used in above grade work
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Concrete Construction - Concrete Construction...

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