Homework_2&_3[1 - (1 Chromosome replication occurs during meiosis and not during mitosis(2 aThere are two divisions in meiosis and only one in

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Genetics BIOL 2004 CRN 10940 Homework 1 Due: 9:00 AM 27 January in Blackboard 1. The genetic phenomenon of independent assortment is due to: (1) separation of parental alleles during mitosis and cell division (2) separation of parental alleles after metaphase of meiosis I (3) division of gametes at meiosis II (4) ###random orientation of maternal and paternal chromosomes at metaphase of meiosis (5) random loss of parental alleles during metaphase of meiosis 2. True breeding round, green peas are crossed with true breeding wrinkled, yellow peas and all the F 1 progeny plants are round and yellow. What is the proportion of wrinkled, green peas in the F 2 generation progeny? (1) 9/16 (2) 8/16 (3) 1/4 (4) 3/16 (5) ####1/16 3. Which of the following differentiate meiosis from mitosis?
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Unformatted text preview: (1) Chromosome replication occurs during meiosis and not during mitosis (2) aThere are two divisions in meiosis and only one in mitosis (3) aTetrads are only formed in meiosis (4) aGametes are only formed in meiosis (5) All the above (6) #####Answers (2), (3), and (4) (7) Answers (3) and (4) 4. When does DNA replication occur during the cell cycle? (1) Only during mitosis (2) Only during meiosis (3) During meiosis and mitosis (4) ###During the S period of the cell cycle (5) None of the above 5. What gametes can be formed by an individual organism of genotype RrSs, if the genes are on separate, nonhomologous chromosomes? (1) Rr and Ss (2) R and S (3) ###RS, Rs, rS, and rs (4) RR, SS, rr, and ss...
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