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Iifkstyle prevention strategies are not Diabetes mUm mntx5bum m a Cai~osis and tra~ae~t, In 2208 2ahm Diabete mefitus is a grmp of diseases tAumatdd by high bloord glawse ccmceaslrations resulting ficm dehxs in indin seaetion, insulin acrion, CM both* fiaomrlirties PATHOPH.YSIOLOCY --sa+pnrrrtPinaed-fatm preent. Pmm wish &be- have bdies that do motpro- Wphg a duce or hespami to insulin, a hormone pduced the pea& an the Fcelts pmmess necessary for tha we stor- sis, fazany m age body fuels. W~thaut e&&e insulin, hyperglycemla category. Thus it less imp Zn 2005 teal pvalence ofdiabetes &e UniM Sam, dl agesI wm 2018 &on people 7% population. 19127 Of these, 14.6 million rue diagaosrid, 6.2 mjhn a~de abaur 10-9 nriUion men 9.7 mibn women 20 years ofage ar older had &&oosed diabetes* QE. 9.6% alX pwple rbis age-pups repenting sin incream? from 4.= af adult [email protected] 19PO 7.3% 3WOO @en= inerwses with a& affening 10.3 mil - Pre-diabetes Lion ap 60 pxs m older, 2 1% aJJ p~ople A smge impaired g1- homeomsis this agegraup P-oE* ln 2OW 1.5 millian ppk age . CT ded pmdiabates. People pars were newly Ilia&t~ased diabetes (Gn- DPG, IT, bth. &t&iduaIs p~-d ters hr Disease Comro1 Pmqtion, 2005) risk br fitsue W. Mu& ofthe increase haw type 2 dinhew L no lon- p a disasc thrt [email protected] srtultn em^ 1998 TYP~ 1 therefore, &GII onset diaM
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<- CHAPTER 30 1 Medical Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus and Hypoglycemia of Nondiabetic Origin 767 Fsdes hard in certain ethnic popula- and both men women were very physically active. The Fernin environmental or lifestyle factors may in- women of Maycoba weighed, on average, 50 lb Jess +k of developing type 2 diabetes susceptible than a comparable group of Pimas from the Phoenix area. & For example, an increase prevalence is More importantly; diabetes was diagnosed about 10% of populations who have migrated to more urban- Maycoba Pimas compared with almost 50% of Ari- ,b with people of same who zona Pimas. their traditional home. Urbanization is usually main staples of Maycoba Pimas' diet are beans, iajor changes diet, physical activity, and socio- corn (as tortillas), and potatoes. Several essential nutrients are Atus, as well increased obesity. lacking because of relative absence fruits vegeta- t anrv that might explain increased prevalence bles. Diet analysis reveals a diet composed 13% protein, insulin resistance among Native people is 23% fat, 63% carbohydrate, an( gene.
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