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MIS 2755.005 Dr. Wade Jackson April 22, 2008 Homework # 4 Option #1: 1. Read the University of Memphis strategic plan. It is available at: http://www.memphis.edu/presweb/plan/mission.html. Select a specific strategic goal. 2. Describe how a specific information technology could be used to contribute to the achievement of that strategic goal. The first goal, “Student Success” can be easily achieved by the use of technology and the internet. Ecourseware, for example, is a terrific resource for students and teachers. The setup of Ecourseware somewhat reminds me of an ERP, or an Enterprise Resource Planning System. Every student has access to the website, no matter their major or the specific colleges they are in. An ERP combines different parts of a company and streamlines or consolidates accounting information, payroll notes, human resources problems, etc. ERPs increase the information organization and efficiency of large corporations and of universities, like Memphis. Having a University of Memphis website
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