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accumulation operators void main() { int n1, n2; n1 = 1; n2 +=  2; n2 = 2; n2 *= n1 + 2; int e(0),      f(10),      ans; double dg(0.0); ans = ++e; ans = e++;  return e before it was incremented = 0, but e will go to value 1. operators return values. n1 = n2 = ans; ans = --f; f will become 9. ans = f--;  returns f before which now is 9 and then decrements to 8 ans = dg++; } precedence = operators which will be evaluated first. 
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Unformatted text preview: • associativity – statement is read from left to right when precedence is equal for multiple operators. #define PI acos(-1.0) { const double pi = acos(-1.0); double d1; d1 = cos(PI); } – preprocessor since it starts with #, with define it will sub in what we tell define to be...
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