Ch10Questions - 1 Assume that the following sequence of...

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1. Assume that the following sequence of events occurs: T1 = access data items X and Y T2 = access data items Y and X This is called a(n) ____. a. inconsistent state b. failed transaction c. deadly embrace d. rollback 2. If any of the SQL statements in a transaction fail, the entire transaction is ____ to the original database state that existed before the transaction started. a. diverted b. abandoned c. rolled back d. completed 3. The scheduler facilitates data ____ to ensure that two transactions do not update the same data element at the same time. a. parsing b. isolation c. integrity d. uniqueness 4. When a program is abnormally terminated, the equivalent of a ____ command occurs. a. COMMIT b. ROLLBACK c. QUIT d. EXIT 5. If several concurrent transactions are executed over the same data set and the second transaction updates the database before the first transaction is finished, the ____ property is violated and the database is no longer consistent. a. atomicity b. consistency c. isolation d. durability 6. In a ____ lock, the DBMS will lock an entire disk page. a. database-level b. table-level c. page-level d. row-level 7. A(n)____ guarantees exclusive use of a data item to a current transaction. a. timestamp b. lock c. rowid d. index 8. Two-phase locking guarantees serializability, but it does not prevent ____. a. deadlocks b. inconsistency c. lost updates d. uncommitted data
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9. The ____ approach does not require locking or time stamping techniques. a. die/wait
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Ch10Questions - 1 Assume that the following sequence of...

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