Acid and Base - Water Comparison of HCl(aq and HAc(aq Comparison to Calculated pH Values The Fruit Juices Buffers

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Brandon Pickett Acid and Base Solutions 10/8/08 1. Water. Tap water contains noticeable quantities of soluble salts, some of which are required by human beings. It may also contain many impurities which can be harmful to humans. Distilled water is almost free of soluble salts, impurities, and germs. Normally, the pH of water ranges from 6 to 8.5. Yes, my results agree with this assessment since it was determined to be at about 6.28. Determining whether distilled water would be healthier for you than tap water would depend on your view. Some believe distilled water is beneficial since it contains no impurities or minerals and helps flush away excess minerals and toxins from the body. However, others contend that distilled water leaches essential minerals from the body and could leave teeth vulnerable to damage, since distilled water does not contain sodium fluoride, unlike many municipal water systems. 2.
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