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Concentration Absorbance Brandon Pickett September 17, 2008 Kinetics of the Reaction of Crystal Violet with Sodium Hydroxide 1. The Rate Law Expression. Rate = k [CV + ] m [OH - ] n -- where k is the rate constant for the reaction, m is the order with respect to crystal violet, and n is the order with respect to the hydroxide ion. The rate law expression is useful in determining the half-life of the reaction. This would be extremely important to the pharmaceutical industry in determining both, the amount of time required for half the initial concentration of reactants to be consumed before the medicine reaches the area of
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Unformatted text preview: the body where it would be effective, and the shelf-life of a drug. 2. The Class Data. 3. Description of the Reaction. In the first trial, the OH-concentration will be 0.20 M NaOH and will not change appreciably during the experiment. So, you will find the order with respect to crystal violet, but not the order with respect to OH. 4. The Temperature Dependence of the Rate Constant. Using a large ice-filled beaker, we immersed one test tube containing the solution. We found that, as was written in the textbook, reaction rates often change with temperature....
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