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Homework 2 (Week of Sept 8) - 5 Objective Ocular used to...

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Brandon Pickett BY 123 Lab 10 September 08 Homework: Topics 1 & 6 Topic 1: 1. A. scanning objective B. low-power objective C. high-power objective 2. Magnification is the power of the lens and resolution is the ability to distinguish two points as separate. 3. A second lens within the objective is responsible for limiting its resolving power. Because the smaller the distance between two objects that can be distinguished from one another, the better is the resolving power of the instrument used to view the objects.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Objective: Ocular: used to determine the diameter of the field of view more accurately Iris diaphragm: used to adjust the amount of light striking the object 6. Left; right 11. The visible area of a slide. Field of view gets smaller. Topic 6: 4. Bacteria are either round (cocci), rod-shaped (bacilli), or spiral-shaped (spirilla). 6. Chlorophyll is found within photosynthetic thylakoid membranes dispersed throughout the cytoplasm. 7....
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