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Brandon Pickett BY 123L Homework 3: Topics 7-8 Topic 7 6. The central vacuole of plant cells contains water and solutes and is surrounded by a membrane, the tonoplast. The vacuole is important for support and also increases the size of the cell as well as the amount of surface area exposed to the environment. Wastes and other storage products (such as pigments like anthocyanins) are found in the vacuole. 8. The cytoskeleton of a cell is composed of microtubules, actin filaments, microfilaments, and intermediate fibers. These fibers maintain the shape of the cell, anchor its organelles, direct movement of materials within the cytoplasm, and even make it possible for the cell to move. Both microtubules and actin filaments are composed of globular proteins while intermediate fibers are composed of fibrous proteins. Microtubules are involved in cell division and formation of other cellular organelles such as cilia and flagella. Actin filaments which can be assembled and disassembled rapidly are primarily
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Homework 3 (Week of Sept 15) - Brandon Pickett BY 123L...

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