Homework 5 (Week of Oct 6) - Your legs are cramping badly...

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Brandon Pickett BY 123 Lab 10/8/08 Topic #11 (1-6) 1. Where in the cell do the following processes occur? a. Glycolysis- cytosol b. Fermentation- cytosol c. Kreb’s cycle- matrix of mitochondria d. Electron transport- inner membrane of mitochondrion 2. Why is fermentation considered to be an inefficient process? Fermentation is an inefficient process because it generates only 2 ATP/glucose, whereas aerobic respiration generates 36-38 ATP/glucose. 3. Why is the process of fermentation called anaerobic? Fermentation is an anaerobic process because it does not use O 2 to degrade glucose. 4. Requirements Products Final Electron Acceptor Alcoholic fermentation Pyruvate CO 2 , ethanol, ATP Ethanol, no ETS Lactic acid fermentation Pyruvate Lactic acid Lactic acid, no ETS Aerobic respiration Glucose, O 2 CO 2 , ATP, H 2 O O 2 5. You have been running a 3-minute mile.
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Unformatted text preview: Your legs are cramping badly and you are breathing very rapidly. How could heavy breathing be beneficial? Heavy breathing can restore oxygen levels in the blood. In muscle cells that have become depleted of oxygen, cells have respired anaerobically to produce lactic acid and deplete reserves of creatine phosphate. Under aerobic conditions, lactic acid can be converted to pyruvate and creatine phosphate reserves can be regenerated. Soreness and cramping will gradually disappear. 6. From the results, determine the identities of solutions A, B, and C. Is the inhibitor competitive or noncompetitive? a. Solution A: inhibitor b. Solution B: substrate c. Solution C: enzyme The inhibitor is a competitive inhibitor based on the results from tubes 2 and 7....
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Homework 5 (Week of Oct 6) - Your legs are cramping badly...

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