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Assignment 7 - that they were after the mysterious...

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E.T. Steven Spielberg used many joining techniques while making E.T. In the opening shots of the movie, many dissolves were used. They were used one right after another to create a sense of eeriness and mystery. This was effective because right from the beginning, it draws the audience in by making them wonder what E.T.’s finger was and where the odd looking scene was. When the flashing lights of the cars rumbling into the forest were shown, jumping shots were used. These created an effect of suspense and trouble. It made the audience know
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Unformatted text preview: that they were after the mysterious character just previously shown in the dissolving shots. Simple cuts were used during the next scene, where the boys were playing poker. The simple cuts were used to create a flowing transition into a continuous, coherent, and normal scene. It showed exactly what the boys were seeing, and in turn, enabled the audience to follow along easily. Bonus: Poltergeist...
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