Topic.4 - Jan van Eyck (died 1441) Man in a Red Turban. 21...

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AHA 1120: HISTORY OF WESTERN ART, II       Prof. Land Topic 4: The Early Renaissance in Northern Europe While artists of the fifteenth century in Italy were pursuing a style based in forms inspired by the art of  Antiquity and placed in a mathematically structured space, the painters of Flanders were creating an art  that is of an equal high quality but is grounded in different artistic principles.  Aided by the medium of oil  paint, they were able to imitate the surfaces of nature with an astonish degree of precision.   The oil  medium also allowed artists to paint subtle qualities of light and to give their paintings a rich atmospheric  luminosity not found in Italian art until the last quarter of the fifteenth century. Netherlands Robert Campin (Master of Flémalle) (died 1444) Merode Altarpiece (Annunciation). ca. 1425-1428
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Unformatted text preview: Jan van Eyck (died 1441) Man in a Red Turban. 21 October 1433. Als ich kan (As I can [but not as I would]) Jan van Eyck me fecit (Jan van Eyck made me) Giovanni Arnolfini (?) and his Wife, Jeanne Cenami (?). 1434 Johannes van Eyck fuit hic (Jan van Eyck was here) Rogier van der Weyden. (ca. 1399 - 1464) Deposition. ca. 1435 Germany Martin Schongauer (ca. 14301491) St. Anthony of Egypt Tormented by Demons (engraving). ca. 1480-1490 France Jean Fouquet (ca. 1420-1481): Melun Diptych. ca. 1450-1451 Portrait of Etienne Chevalier (with St. Stephen) ca. 1450. Virgin and Child. (Agnes Sorel?) ca. 1451 Terms: empirical or observed perspective; disguised or hidden symbolism; diptych; triptych; polyptych; oil-painting; tempera Reading assignment: Gardner, 425-450; next assignment: 493-518....
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Topic.4 - Jan van Eyck (died 1441) Man in a Red Turban. 21...

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