Ch 17 timeline

Ch 17 timeline - V A N B U R E N 1836 1840 T Y L E R 1840...

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1835-1836: Texas War for Independence – “Lone Star Republic” 1836: The Gag Rule Specie Circular – western land must be paid by hard currency Election of 1836 – Harrison (Whig) defeated by Van Buren (Democrat) 1837: US recognizes the Republic of Texas. Oberlin College enrolls its first women students. Charles Bridge vs. Warren Bridge- only strict interpretation of contract Panic of 1837 – in part due to Jackson’s withdrawal of funds from Bank of U.S. - Van Buren does nothing 1938 – 1839: Aroostook “War” – bloodless – boundary dispute between Maine and New Brunswick 1840: Independent Treasury System – constructs vaults to hold federal money Election of 1840 – Harrison (Whig) defeats Van Buren - Harrison catches pneumonia and dies, VP John Tyler becomes president Democrats Jackson, Calhoun, Van Buren, Benton “Republicans” Against monopolies and privilege Decrease tariff For state rights Whigs Clay, Webster, John Quincy Adams, Harrison
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