ch 30 war to end war

ch 30 war to end war - 1916 prez makes attempt to mediate...

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1916- prez makes attempt to mediate b/n the embattled *(belligerents)-hostile or aggressive 1917, January 22: address---America neutral rights---negotiating “peace w/out victory” durable 1917, January 31: break the Sussex pledge: decide unrestricted submarine warfare, sink all ships including America’s -Didn’t want war w/ America-----3 ghastly yrs of trenches led to non distinction b/n noncombatants 1916 pledge to Sussex pledge-----hoping to bring Britain down before America entered the war -Wilson broke ties w/ Germany -wouldn’t attack unless they took American lives away WAR BY ACT OF GERMANY -Armed American ships---Wilson asked congress--- -Midwestern senators---launched a filibuster to block the measure---showed American strength in isolationism 1917 March 1: Zimmerman Note---infuriated American and Westerners---Arthur Zimmerman/German secretary had proposed a Mexican-German alliance-----in return Mexico gained Texas, New Mexico and Arizona --“Overt” acts in Atlantic: German U boats sank merchant boats in 1 st 2 weeks of ---Russian army of tsars toppled by revolution America in Allies’ side for democracy (Russian despotism down) 1917 April 2: asked congress for declaration of war ---myth: munitions makers & wall street bankers desperate to protect profits and loans dragged America into war ---had profits: no need for wartime gov restrictions and heavy taxation’ WILSONIAN IDEALISM ENTHRONED -----6 senators, 50 representatives (1 st women Jeanette ranking of Montana) against war----(no enthusiasms in Midwest) -----pretext for war: Presbyterian crusade to make world safe for democracy WILSON’S FOURTEEN POTENT POINTS -----wilson moral leader of allied caus 1918 January 8: Delivered 14 pts to congress ---meant to keep Russian in war---demoralize it by promising to minorities No more secret treaties-liked by liberal Freedom of the seas was to be maintained,-liked by American and Germans A removal of economic barriers among nations,-Goal of liberal international everywhere Reduction of armament burdens-thankful taxpayers Adjustment of colonial claims in the interests of natives and colonizers- reassuring to antiimperealist ---delegitimize old empires and opened road for national independence Other points included: “ self-determination ,” or independence for oppressed minority groups, and a League of Nations , an international organization that would keep the peace and settle world disputes. CREEL MANIPULATIVE MINDS ---Committee on public information: headed by George Creel---sell America on war---sell world on Wilson’s war aims -----The Creel organization sent out an army of 75,000 men to deliver speeches in favor of the war, showered millions of pamphlets containing the most potent “Wilsonisms” upon the world, splashed posters and billboards that had emotional appeals, and showed anti-German movies like The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin . There were also patriotic songs. ----Creel oversold some of the ideals, and result would be disastrous disillusionment.
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ch 30 war to end war - 1916 prez makes attempt to mediate...

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