Chapter-19 - Rosario Cano Period 6 Chapter 19 Drifting...

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Period 6 Chapter 19: “Drifting Toward Disunion” (1854 – 1861) Stowe and Helper: Literary Incendiaries In 1852, Harriet Beecher Stow published Uncle Tom’s Cabin , a popular book that awakened the passions of the North toward the evils of slavery. -dismayed by the passage of the fugitive slave law wrote it for the northerners -Said “God wrote it”-sentiment of antislavery in evangelical religious crusades of 2 nd great awakening -sold millions of copies as it was translated -in the stage as “Tom Shows” -book helped start war and win it -1862: Harriet introduced to Lincoln -she had not witnessed slavery only seen it in Kentucky -lived for many years in Ohio where the “underground rail road” was -northerners didn’t want to participate in enforcement of fugitive slave law -impacted youth: boys in blue Novel popular in Britain and France -common pple of Ean. Sensed if N. won: the black curse would end -London and Paris considered to fight in behalf of the south but their people might not support them The Impending Crisis of the South written 5 yrs after Uncle Tom -by Hinton R. Helper , -a non-aristocratic white 4rm North Carolina -hated both slavery and blacks - prove by an array(collection)of stats that non-slave-holding Southern whites were da 1s most hurt by slavery -unable 2 find publisher in south found it in N. -copies burned in south -republicans distributed copies as campaign literature The North-South Contest for Kansas Worst of pop. Sovereignty -newcomers motley(different types) lot -northerners just moving to the west for richer lands -most inflow financed by abolitionists or free soilers -Most famous antislavery org: New England Emigrant Aid Company -sent about 2thousand pple to the area to forestall south plus a profit -pple w/ riffles “Beecher’s bibles” after Reverend Henry Ward Beecher (Harriet’s mom) -she had helped raise money for their purchase -South had supported Douglass Kansas-Nebraska scheme (Northerners pour in2 Kansas and Southerners outraged since they had supported Compromise of 1850 seeing Kansas slave) -Thought Kansas would be slave and Nebraska free -Northern Nebraskans wanted to abolitionize both Kansas-Nebraska -blacks on Kansas not happening -slaves valuable and volatile (unstable) property -owners foolish if took them for the bullets and place might b voted free -census of 1860: found 2 slaves of 107,000 souls in Kansas and 15 in Nebraska Election Day in 1855 -To elect members of 1 st territorial legislature -proslavery “border ruffians” in from Missouri to vote early and often -triumphed and set up puppet Gov. in Shawnee Mission -Kansas slave state; free soilers unable to take this set up own government in Topeka. - Kansans had to choose b/n 2 Gov: 1 illegal (in Topeka) and other fraudulent (in Shawnee).
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Chapter-19 - Rosario Cano Period 6 Chapter 19 Drifting...

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