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1 Kaplan 150 Study Guide for Midterm, Tues. Feb. 24 You should study your notes and reading regarding the following list. Bring two Blue books. The exam will consist of definitions, short answers, and one long essay. You will have a choice). Work on these questions before the midterm. Note that the short answers will be limited to a few sentences. You will determine the length of the long essay. You will be required to support all answers with examples used in lecture, reading and class discussions. Definitions will require one example as support, short answers require two examples. A good long essay provides ample evidence to support your assertions . Also, do not be vague, use specific examples and information from the lectures, readings, homework, class discussions, web and personal experiences (but not as the only example), if you wish. Be sure to see your TA or me if you need help writing essays or have any other problems with the study guide. Bring pens and blue books. 1. Explain conflict theorist and functionalist/order theories regarding causes of social problems? Who/what are the reasons for these problems? How would each solve these problems? Functionalist/Order Perspective: Look at the way major social institutions actually operate: The main reason for the existence of social problems is that societies are always changing. Failure to adapt successfully to change leads to social problem Smoking as example: Quality of life threat brings change Conflict Perspective: Social problems arise out of major contradictions in the way societies are organized Such as an unequal distribution of resources which lead to large-scale conflict Hurricane Katrina, Wal-Mart as examples: Ask questions about underlying patterns of class conflict 2. What assumptions do the general public have about whom/what is to blame for social problems like smoking/homelessness? But critics said that tobacco industry had fooled the public into believing smoking was harmless The Tobacco industry was forced to: admits that tobacco is addictive But claimed they were not responsible for health problems from smoking They claimed that smokers were responsible for their own smoking problems, “smoker can quit if want to” 1
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Health problems caused by smoking: Cancer Heart Disease and Stroke Respiratory Health Secondhand Smoke Smoking During Pregnancy Two Sociological Perspectives on Homelessness Functionalist/Order Theory If the homeless would only get a job, they could end homelessness Homelessness is: The result of early socialization A way of life for those who are mentally ill The absence of work ethic Conflict Theory: Homelessness is result of class inequalities: Society needs to redistribute the wealth: Built affordable housing Create social services Develop universal health care program Create a living wage system Develop a Child care system For poor mothers
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150mtstudyguide2009 - 1Kaplan 150 Study Guide for Midterm...

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