MOR 492 Syllabus Spring 2009

MOR 492 Syllabus Spring 2009 - University of Southern...

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University of Southern California Marshall School of Business MOR 492: GLOBAL STRATEGY Spring 2009 Professor: Carl W. Voigt, Ph.D. Office: Bridge Hall 303-E Phone: Office: (213) 740-0764; Mobile (213) 446-1753 Department of Management and Organization Office: (213) 740-0728 Email: [email protected] [Note: I do not check email sent to [email protected]!!!] Office Hours: COURSE DESCRIPTION Business enterprise in today’s environment increasingly involves crossing national borders and, more generally, engaging in business activities in numerous countries that are often very different from each other. Changes in technology, transportation, communications, and political alliances have significantly internationalized business. Increasingly, firms are required to compete in multiple foreign markets at both the product and supply-chain levels. Understanding the management, marketing, financial, and operational challenges associated with global business activity, and developing skills in these areas, have become essential requirements for success. The Global Strategy course is designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and sensitivity required to create, maintain, and renew sustainable competitive advantage within a global environment. Global Strategy will explore international business issues from an integrated firm-level perspective. The course will adopt a strategic perspective and will highlight the following topics from this perspective: the analysis of industry and environmental forces, the competitive context in which companies operate in global industries, creating and sustaining global competitive advantage, the characteristics of global, multi-domestic and transnational strategies, international entry strategies, global strategic alliances, the role of global organizational structures, and the importance of global strategic control. Case studies used in this course will help you develop your analytical and decision-making skills and also highlight the reality of environmental uncertainties influencing decision making in the global context. Cases also seek to develop your capacity to identify issues, to reason carefully through various options and improve your ability to manage the organizational process by which decisions get formed and executed. In addition to case analyses we will also read and discuss additional articles on strategic issues relevant to operating in a global context. Thus, students will develop both, historical and current, and theoretical and practical, perspectives on operating in a global context. This course has two broad objectives and will be taught simultaneously at two levels. First, this course is designed to teach students “about” international business issues. That is, the course intends to help students understand how business practices vary widely across regions and countries.
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This note was uploaded on 02/25/2009 for the course MOR 492 taught by Professor Voigt during the Spring '07 term at USC.

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MOR 492 Syllabus Spring 2009 - University of Southern...

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