Fall 2005, Exam 4

Fall 2005, Exam 4 - PHY 131 Name ASU ID Signature...

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Unformatted text preview: PHY 131 Name___________________________________ ASU ID _______________________ Signature________________________________ Recitation Section Time____________________ Recitation Instructor ________________ SHORT ANSWER. Write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers the question. [Each question is worth 5 points. NO PARTIAL CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN FOR THESE QUESTIONS] 1) A closed, circular loop has a current flowing through it. If a second, closed, circular loop with the same radius approaches this loop along a common axis as shown, in what direction will a current flow in the approaching loop? 1) 2) An alternating current is supplied to an electronic component with a rating that it be used only for voltages below 13 V. What is the highest V rms that can be supplied to this component while staying below the voltage limit? 2) 3) Two inductors are identical, except one is wound clockwise and the other is wound counterclockwise. If they are connected in a circuit in series, will their back emf's cancel? Explain. 3) 4) For circuits with either an inductor and/or a capacitor, the current gets out of phase with the voltage. For these circuits how are the frequencies of the current and voltage related?...
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Fall 2005, Exam 4 - PHY 131 Name ASU ID Signature...

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