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ECONOMICS PROBLEM - dmoffat71424 haha Krissybb9 yeh bc its...

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dmoffat71424: ok he gives you this stuff dmoffat71424: Q Actual = $6472 dmoffat71424: Population = 10 million dmoffat71424: < 16 years old = 3 million dmoffat71424: Retired = 3 million dmoffat71424: Part-time workers = 500,000 dmoffat71424: Full-time workers = 3 million dmoffat71424: Natural rate = 6% dmoffat71424: Businesses expect higher future profits and there is a decrease in  worker productivity dmoffat71424: and he wants you to find Q Potential, real GDP, Price level,  Employment, and GDP gap Krissybb9: well thats easy i was there for those classes hahaha dmoffat71424: whoa! dmoffat71424: you just said its easy?
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Unformatted text preview: dmoffat71424: haha Krissybb9: yeh bc its all lik math equations dmoffat71424: haha dmoffat71424: well way to make me feel like a dumbass! dmoffat71424: haha dmoffat71424: here ill give you the answers so you have them Krissybb9: all u hav to do is plug in the numbers to the equation dmoffat71424: Q Potential = $7313.36 Krissybb9: aww thank u:] dmoffat71424: employment = indeterminate dmoffat71424: gdp gab = indeterminate dmoffat71424: gap dmoffat71424: and it doesnt even look like i wrote the other answers down! dmoffat71424: haha Krissybb9: oh great!...
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  • GDP gap Krissybb9, lik math equations, higher future profits, worker productivity dmoffat71424, haha dmoffat71424

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