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Lab Report1 - Zachary Nuffer Tues 10:15 Kevin Lab Report...

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Zachary Nuffer Tues. 10:15, Kevin Lab Report: Effect of ion channel mutations on larval locomotion in Drosophilia Introduction: The purpose of this lab was to investigate the effect of neural mechanisms (specifically ion channel function) on behavior. To do this, a behavioral change caused by a mutation in a voltage-gated K + ion channel gene in the fruit fly Drosophilia melanogaster was looked at. The gene is called the Shaker gene because its mutated form causes a fruit fly to shake abnormally when exposed to ether. The gene encodes one of the four alpha subunits comprising the K + ion channel, and a mutation in the gene results in a dysfunction of that subunit. This dysfunction inhibits the ability of K + ions to flow through the channel, which in turn inhibits the function of the channel, i.e., repolarization of the cell. Without repolarization, cell signaling is severely impaired, and cells experience prolonged depolarization. Repetitive action potentials can result from this failure to repolarize, accounting for the “shaking” observed in flies with the mutation. Additionally, ataxia can result from the mutation. The second part of the lab will focus on this symptom by looking at larval locomotion. In humans, an autosomal dominant mutation in the Shaker-related Kv1.1 gene causes a disorder called Episodic Ataxia Type-1 (EA-1), which is analogous to the disorder in the flies caused by the Shaker mutation. Humans with the disorder can experience uncoordinated movements brought on by stress of alcohol, which can last from minutes to hours.
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Zachary Nuffer Tues. 10:15, Kevin Materials: Lab 1: Ether-Induced Leg Shaking Four types of fly mutants (Sh = Shaker, eag 1 = Ether-a-go-go ): Sh M , Sh 5 , eag 1 Sh 120 , eag 1 Fly anesthetizer charged with ether Timer Petri Dish Light Microscope Lab 2: Larval Locomotion Shaker mutant larva (prepupa), and CS-5 control larva
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Lab Report1 - Zachary Nuffer Tues 10:15 Kevin Lab Report...

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