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Zach Nuffer K. Rohmann. – Tues. Figure 1 Effect of mutations on NMJ growth (#axon branches) 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 genotype Excitability mutants Signal transduction mutants Cell adhesion mutants Double mutants using Gal4/UAS system Figure 2 GAL4/UAS overexpression of FasII expts. 0.00 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 genotype control  E62-Gal4 UAS-FasII  dncM14  dncM14 E62-gal4 UAS-FasII  eag1 Sh120  eag1 Sh120 E62-gal4 UAS-FasII 
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Zach Nuffer K. Rohmann. – Tues. Figure 1 The mutations are given along the x-axis, and the effect of the mutations can be seen along the y-axis. The mutations have been further categorized by type, and those types are color-coded according to the key provided. Samples of the neuromuscular junctions of Drosophila with the mutations listed were analyzed for branching, and the mean number of total branches from samples of each type is given. It is notable that each of the excitability mutations, when occurring alone (eag1, Sh133, napts) resulted in an insignificant difference in axon branching from the control. However, flies with two hyperexcitability mutations (eag1 Sh120, and eag1 Sh133) showed significantly more axon branching from the control, while flies with three mutations (eag1 Sh120 napts) showed approximately the same branching as those with only one mutation. This may indicate that each mutation is off little consequence by itself—perhaps there is a compensatory mechanism, but that the effects of a second similar mutation becomes much more pronounced. In these cases, the double mutants have two hyperexitatory mutations. In the flies with three mutations, the relationship between the function of the genes may be such that adding napts compensates for the effect of eag1 and Sh120 combined, because napts is
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fruitfly - Zach Nuffer K. Rohmann. Tues. Figure 1 Effect of...

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