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Derrick Palecek Article #1 In Mark Hillman’s article , “Big Government is back”, he discusses the new spending bill of new president Barack Obama . The bill is totaled to be $787 billion dollars , which will be the largest spending bill in history. President Obama signed the law in Denver with the given name , American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. (Hillman 1) After reading this article from the Denver Post , I soon learned it had much to do with the analysis of President Obama’s new stimulus plan . The author of the article seems as though he doesn’t 100% agree with the new spending bill and isn’t sure if it will fix the current economy or not . The article is based on some facts and numbers
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Unformatted text preview: , but mostly on opinion . In 1776 , the same year the Declaration of Independence was signed, Adam Smith wrote a novel entitled , The Wealth of Nations . At the time Adam Smith probably didn’t think that economist would still be using his same theories to this day . One of the most definable theories used in The Wealth of Nations is the “invisible hand .” The invisible hand concept implies that when a free market economy is left alone it will resolve itself . This principle appears in the article when Hillman mentions that if Congress did nothing , the market economy would resolute itself . (Hillman 1)...
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