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Exam 3 study sheet - Tourism definition collection of...

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Tourism definition - “collection” of productive business and governmental organizations that serve the traveler away from home. Person trip definition - Person trip = one person taking on trip Reason for travel - Most frequent reason for travel is to visit family and friends , Second reason is other pleasure travel for outdoor recreation and entertainment Mode of travel - Automobile is first, Airlines are second Multiplier effect definition - Multiplier effect – see p. 425 – figure 13.4 Taylor - organizing tasks a. Management is a true science (time and motion studies) (one best way to do a task) Stouffers Restaurants used standardized recipes; they controlled food costs through yield checks and portion control devices b. Scientific selection of the workman (the right person for the job) Stouffer Restaurant hired only women because they were accustomed to following recipes. c. Scientific education and development (train workers; supervise workers)( Stouffer Restaurants trained their workers; the food production manager supervised the crew) d. Intimate, friendly cooperation between management and employees (give workers high wages through the higher
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profitability)(Stouffers Restaurants offered fringe benefits – paid vacations, paid holidays, and group insurance) Mayo – Human relations Western Electric Company Late 1920s conducted tests on worker productivity by varying the level of light in the room. The researchers discovered that social pressures in the work group were at least as important as: i. Pay in determining level of effort and ii. Output of workers Fayol - Organizational theory (organizational chart) Restaurants organized their work around stations – pg. 512 – and work
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Exam 3 study sheet - Tourism definition collection of...

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