HRIM Notes December 1

HRIM Notes December 1 - the way a supervisor looks at his...

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HRIM Notes December 1, 2008 Chapter 20 – Leadership and Directing in Hospitality Management Leadership and Directing Functions of Management A. Planning – visualizing the future to prepare goals and determining a course of action. B. Organizing – bringing order to the relations between people and work C. Staffing/ Human Resources – attracting and maintaining personnel D. Communication – getting the message through E. Controlling – measuring performance against standards, analyzing variances and taking action F. Leadership/Directing - a way of bringing people to voluntarily work toward the company’s goals Understanding why people follow helps to form a leadership style Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 5. Self Actualization (self-fulfillment) 4. Esteem (recognition from others) 3. Love and Belonging Needs 2. Safety Needs (freedom from fear) 1. Food, Clothing and Shelter Leadership Theories – Douglas MacGregor –
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Unformatted text preview: the way a supervisor looks at his or her employees: • Theory x: •- People do not like to work •- You have to push them every step of the way •- The employee wants protection •- Use the “carrot and stick” to get results • Theory Y: •- People like to work •- People are self-directed •- If you provide the proper conditions, people will accept and even “seek responsibility Developing Your Leadership Style Refer to page 641 – “You can begin to form your leadership style now …” a. Observe b. Analyze c. Decide Communication – Getting the message through A. Listening – give it your “all” B. Empathy – “understanding with” the person C. Semantic Barriers – meanings to words D. Social Background Considerations E. Immediate Environment – praise in public and correct in private F. Ask for feedback – ask for clarification on what...
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HRIM Notes December 1 - the way a supervisor looks at his...

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