HRIM Notes December 1

HRIM Notes December 1 - the way a supervisor looks at his...

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HRIM Notes December 1, 2008 Chapter 20 – Leadership and Directing in Hospitality Management Leadership and Directing Functions of Management A. Planning – visualizing the future to prepare goals and determining a course of action. B. Organizing – bringing order to the relations between people and work C. Staffing/ Human Resources – attracting and maintaining personnel D. Communication – getting the message through E. Controlling – measuring performance against standards, analyzing variances and taking action F. Leadership/Directing - a way of bringing people to voluntarily work toward the company’s goals Understanding why people follow helps to form a leadership style Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 5. Self Actualization (self-fulfillment) 4. Esteem (recognition from others) 3. Love and Belonging Needs 2. Safety Needs (freedom from fear) 1. Food, Clothing and Shelter Leadership Theories – Douglas MacGregor –
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Unformatted text preview: the way a supervisor looks at his or her employees: Theory x: - People do not like to work - You have to push them every step of the way - The employee wants protection - Use the carrot and stick to get results Theory Y: - People like to work - People are self-directed - If you provide the proper conditions, people will accept and even seek responsibility Developing Your Leadership Style Refer to page 641 You can begin to form your leadership style now a. Observe b. Analyze c. Decide Communication Getting the message through A. Listening give it your all B. Empathy understanding with the person C. Semantic Barriers meanings to words D. Social Background Considerations E. Immediate Environment praise in public and correct in private F. Ask for feedback ask for clarification on what...
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HRIM Notes December 1 - the way a supervisor looks at his...

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