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HRIM Notes November 19

HRIM Notes November 19 - not a once and done event The...

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HRIM Notes November 19, 2008 Chapter 19 – Control in Hospitality Management Customer Satisfaction Employee Satisfaction Returning guest plate o Trash Can Functions of Management A. Planning – visualizing the future to prepare goals and determining a course of action. B. Organizing – bringing order to the relations between people and work C. Staffing/ Human Resources – attracting and maintaining personnel D. Communication – getting the message through E. Controlling – measuring performance against standards, analyzing variances and taking action F. Leadership/Directing - a way of bringing people to voluntarily work toward the company’s goals Action and Control Cybernetic Loop o Taking corrective action and find the cause when activities are off track – activities (pg. 610, fig. 19.2) Review Figure 19.1 Simple Information Systems – Pg. 609 o Cashiers Report/Shift Characteristics of Control Systems A.
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Unformatted text preview: not a once and done event! The purpose is to analyze the information and learn from it. B. There is a timely nature to the data. Collecting and reporting the data in-house has its merit. C. Go after the key points ; think of the cost involved in collecting the data. D. You must do something with the data. Tools for Control • Statement of Income and Expense – pg.618 Table 19.2 • Balance Sheet – p. 615 Table 19.1 • Uniform system of Accounts for Restaurants • Pre-Cost = Standard Cost (determined ahead of time) o Use standardized recipes, standardized portions, yields, cost per portion, = selling price. • Post-Cost = historical cost (what went wrong?) • Scheduling $ (vs. Payroll Cost and Sales) • Proposed Budgets; Refer to Table 19.2 Pg. 618 1. Controllable Expenses: a. Music & Entertainment b. Advertising and Promotion...
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