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Derrick Palecek 11/19/08 Dr. Bardi Pg. 620 q1,3 1. As an operation progresses, various info about the progress is collected and presented to management in a usuable form. If the report for money is on the right track management can turn its attention elsewhere, but if its off, the manager has to adjust accordingly. This is a continuous process, and cash control information is being sent through this loop always. 3. The four characteristics of control systems is quite simple, and
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Unformatted text preview: easy to identify. The first is control systems are continuous. This refers to data collection on a continuous system. The second is reports must be timely. This is making sure everything happens on time. The third is control is aimed at some key point, and no action is called for unless a problem is dected. The final characteristic is, control is action-oriented, which means you cant sit around and wait for things to happen, you have to take charge....
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