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Derrick Palecek 11/17/08 Dr. Bardi HRIM 201 Chap 18 figure 18.1 Taylor’s management principles relate to figure 18.1 in a very similar way. The major contribution that Taylor made to a scientific management theory was the principle of fitting the right person to the right job, rather than hiring whoever walks in the door at that time. If a hospitality firm spends between 20%-40% of its revenue on wages, employees should be doing the best they can.
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Unformatted text preview: The figure 18.1 suggests that prospective employees have to pass through many stages to be hired, and if one of those stages can’t be fulfilled then the applicant will get rejected. This is important and relevant to Taylor’s principal because going through all those stages will get the employer the kind of employee that they want for a specific job title....
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