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p5703,4,8 - manger routinely interacts which is the number...

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Derrick Palecek 11/12/08 Dr. Bardi HRIM 201 P. 570 3,4,8 3. The scalar principal refers to a clearly defined line of authority that includes all employees in that organization. It suggest that there should be a clear and unbroken chain of command linking every person in the organization with successively higher levels of authority up to and including the top manager. 4. The span of control refers to the number of people the manager supervises directly. The span of managerial responsibility refers to the number of persons with whom the
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Unformatted text preview: manger routinely interacts , which is the number who have direct and unhindered access to the manager. 8. Ad hocracy is a Latin term derived from the Latin phrase ad hoc which means “to this. “ The idea is that of an organization responding forcefully to particular situations in an environment that constantly changes. In these situations, the work to be done, rather than a traditional organizational structure, dictates who is in charge. It can best be described as a team with changeable captains....
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