Response to Child - He will walk(as opposed to taking the subway for most trips around the city up to a mile away Whenever he comes to visit us in

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Lauren Nitahara Intro to Child Psychology Professor Thompson Response Paper The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity: Review of Research and Implications for Public Policy This article brings to light many important issues regarding child and adolescent obesity. The author discusses issues in regard to lack of exercise, increased use of automobiles, poor food choices, and a society that thrives off these unhealthy behaviors. Not only is child and adolescent obesity a major problem in this country, but the values and encouragement we give to children only increases this behavior as acceptable and healthy. A friend of the family lives in New York City and has always teased my mother and me about the amount of driving we do everyday. As a typical New Yorker, he finds it almost unnecessary to drive his car at all unless he leaves the city.
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Unformatted text preview: He will walk (as opposed to taking the subway) for most trips around the city up to a mile away. Whenever he comes to visit us in New Jersey he comments about how one day people living in the suburbs will not have legs anymore because of the lack of walking we do with them. He predicts that instead we will have stumps where our legs would be, as we drive everywhere anyway. These comments relate to the article in that our society has become lazy and physically inactive. After reading this article I have reaffirmed by belief that we need to get out and walk more. This will not only save our environment from the negative effects of exhaust from cars, but also decrease the level of obesity as well as make Americans generally more positive as a result....
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