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Nate Christensen BTW 250 Professor John O’Connor Fall Semester The website that I feel is the most poorly designed out of the ones I frequent the most or that I previously frequented is without a doubt Plote Construction’s home page. I did a summer long internship with them two summers ago and I used to have to access the site every time I went to work. The company itself is a large construction company specializing in heavy highway construction for the Illinois Department of Transportation. One look at the website and one can tell why it is poorly designed, for being a multimillion dollar organization I personally know they invest very little money into their technology department. Being a former employee of their company I know that they personally do their own website. When I go on the site not only is it unorganized you
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Unformatted text preview: don’t get the full scope of their business. On their companies site they only go into detail about their asphalt and concrete plants, they make no mention of their previous contracts or current contracts, actually looking at the site one would be led to believe that they are not a construction company but just a company that provides asphalt and concrete as well as a small recycling service. All the aspects of design that we covered in class are essentially missing or at the bare minimum very poorly executed on the site, I believe that this website could be largely improved with minimal effort for the maximum effect. If they put a little more money into their design team it could be a great opportunity to have a spectacular site for a truly excellent construction firm....
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