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BTW090208 - is the largest private/professional...

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Nate Christensen BTW 250 Professor John O’Connor Fall Semester Professional Organization Synopsis Upon graduating and getting my bachelors degree I want to go into the banking industry and possibly even become an investment banker. The main professional organization in banking is the American Banking Association whose mission is “…to serve its members by enhancing the role of financial services institutions as the preeminent providers of financial services” (ABA website, About). The ABA was founded in 1875 to represent banks as well as their customers in the United States and currently represents just over two million people nationally (ABA). To gain membership to the ABA one would usually obtain it through their employer or current bank they use although they do grant individual memberships if one were so intrigued to join. The ABA
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Unformatted text preview: is the largest private/professional organization in the United States and the premier association for the serious banker. They offer several useful products ranging from fingerprinting services to background checks as well as several useful documents on their site available to their members. They are also a lobby group and help the banking industry by lobbying for current issues in the industry as well as legal assistance for banks that need it. After researching the ABA it’s clear to me what the obvious organization to join is, they have everything a small or huge bank would ever need on a convenient website. References American Banking Association. January 2008. American Banking Assn. 2 Sept. 2008 <http://www.aba.com/>....
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BTW090208 - is the largest private/professional...

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