execsummary - of work can touch all bases when discussing...

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Nate Christensen BTW 250 Professor John O’Connor Fall Semester EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This summary provides detailed examination of the treatment of ethics in The Business Writer’s Companion . The purpose of this work is to provide the class body with a detailed and accurate representation of the works printed in the book as well as the treatment and style that ethics are presented. This information is presented in a way reflective of the nature of the audience and should be treated as such. In the fifth edition of The Business Writer’s Companion ethics may be looked up in the index on page 414. The book provides many different sections on ethics and appears to treat them very seriously. The book claims that ethics is a very important part of business writing and should not be overlooked when revising any sort of document. Ethics can either affect one person individually or a group as a whole in a positive or negative way depending on how the information or topic is presented and the language used. The book also claims that no one piece
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Unformatted text preview: of work can touch all bases when discussing ethics but there are some major common points that can be addressed and helped correct if a writer ever finds him or herself in that situation. The index boasts many different situations, listed below are a hand full of the: Biased Language Copyrights Deceptive Language Documenting Sources Misleading Visuals Paraphrasing Persuasion Quotations Sales Proposals Of course our papers in class will not deal with all of these but it’s good to know there is a resource if the situation arises. Among some of the situations mentioned that we have used in class include; documenting sources, paraphrasing, persuasion, and quotations. As the course goes on we will encounter more and more of these areas and the aforementioned are just a few of the topics to be discussed with the report....
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execsummary - of work can touch all bases when discussing...

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