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Nate Christensen Green Living Solutions Compact Fluorescent light bulbs o Last 10 times longer o Save up to $30 over life of bulb Always remember to turn lights off when not in use Keep air and heat at a reasonable level o Every one degree increase results in a 2% bill increase Recycle o Separate paper, plastic, cardboard, and aluminum from trash o Let friends know how easy it is to recycle
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Unformatted text preview: Reuse shopping bags next time you go to the store o Or canvas totes also do a good job Pick up trash you see in campus town and toss it in the trash If you drive, ensure that your car is emissions compliant With these simple tips it is an easy start to decrease pollution and start saving our Earth…The whole class should be sobbing by now...
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  • Fall '08
  • Incandescent light bulb, Fluorescent lamp, Compact fluorescent lamp, fluorescent light bulbs, Christensen Green Living

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