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peerevaluation - 5 helped gather data and information(e.g...

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I’m not doing this out of laziness, but in all fairness I have no complaints about any member of my group. No one was ever later to any of our out of class meetings and everyone contributed almost equally. Abby Drazner did however put the final report together; we sent her all of our material so I do appreciate that a great deal. Other than that I would say our entire group got along very well and our individual areas were all well taken care of. Name of group member: Diana Walker, Abby Drazner, Ken Ahn Your name: Nate Christensen This group member: participated in in-class work and planning sessions. 5 attended and participated in out of class meetings and discussions, either in person or online, by phone, etc. 5 contributed ideas and suggestions for the project.
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Unformatted text preview: 5 helped gather data and information (e.g. through research, interviews, etc). 5 participated in putting the report together (e.g. through generating text, generating graphics, organizing, editing, proofreading, etc). 5 provided constructive feedback on other members’ suggestions and ideas. N/A was willing to compromise even if his or her ideas were not taken up by the group. Never occurred but I don’t imagine it would have been a problem did his or her fair share of the work. 5 was an overall positive addition to the group. 5 This group member’s greatest contribution was: This group member’s could improve (underline one: a little/some/a lot) in this area: Other comments about this group member: N/A...
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