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Nate Christensen BTW 250 Professor John O’Connor Fall Semester Professional Organization Upon arrival at the University of Illinois I wanted to pursue a double major in Finance and Real Estate, but after taking a few classes I quickly realized that was not the path for my future. I initially was in the double major for the money and job security after graduation and understood that’s not the right reasons to be educating myself; I should be in a field that interests me. After taking a couple economics classes I quickly changed my major to economics and found out I wanted to go into investment banking which is very similar to my finance major but I truly enjoy economics. After researching a few professional organizations I understood that the American Banking Association was the clear organizational leader in my field. The American Banking Association was founded in 1875(American Bankers Association) and is currently based in Washington D.C. to maintain constant contact with our nations most powerful politicians. The Association
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represents financial institutions of all sizes and currently claims over two million members with all the institutions considered. It maintains the highest level of professionalism and regards of the nations most pressing issues in the industry. The ABA also helps in the areas of professional development, government relations, and exclusive ABA products such as their intuitive fingerprinting device that ensures excellent fraud protection. The ABA’s website claims “Over the next several years, for every seven people leaving the workforce, only four will be available to take their place,” (American Bankers Association About) with that being said it is fairly obvious how important professional development and continuing education is. They offer over two hundred course in the varying fields of banking included
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ProOrgFD - Nate Christensen BTW 250 Professor John OConnor...

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