2009_Spring_P1112_Lab_01B_Prelab - you Any reasonable...

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Lab Section: ______ Name: ______________________________ Lab Instructor: ______________________________ Grade: ______ P1112 Lab Notes Pre-lab 1B-1 Cornell University, Spring 2009 Lab Unit # 1B Pre-lab Questions: Kinematics of 1-D Motion: Digital Video & Strobe Motion Diagrams For the following questions consider motion in one dimension. To get full marks your answers must be clear and legible. You do not need to use full sentences. You must hand this sheet in at the beginning of your lab period. 1. In point form give an outline of the tasks you will perform for capturing video & making strobe motion diagrams . There is no unique answer to this task , and the degree of detail is largely up to
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Unformatted text preview: you. Any reasonable answer should get full points . Focus on what are the key tasks. (Continued on the next page.) P1112 Lab Notes Pre-lab 1B-2 Cornell University, Spring 2009 2. The diagrams below represent strobe photographs of the motion of a ball as it rolls up and then down a track. At each of the locations shown, draw a vector to represent the acceleration of the ball. If you know the magnitude of the acceleration at any of the locations, indicate that explicitly. You will not lose marks for giving an incorrect answer but you will lose marks for failing to complete the task. Briefly (and clearly) explain your reasoning: Up Down These points represent the same moment in time. θ...
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2009_Spring_P1112_Lab_01B_Prelab - you Any reasonable...

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