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HW09_2 - =-170 m/s and v 2y = 40 m/s a Sketch the velocity...

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P1112 Spring 2009 Homework #2, due at your second section of Week 2. Solutions will be posted Friday Jan. 30. Quiz on HW #1 and #2 in first section of week starting on Feb. 2. Reading: Ch. 2, 3.1-3.4, and Lab Manual “Strobe Motion Diagrams” Q&A-1 to Q&A-5 Not all concepts will be covered in class – you are responsible for all material in the reading and in the homework problems. Problems: 1 . A car with an initial velocity v 0 brakes to a stop with constant deceleration in a time t. If the initial velocity was twice as large but the constant deceleration was half as large, the time to stop would be A. 8t B. 4t C. 2t D. t E. 0.5 t 2. 3 . Toy locomotive motion graph: Y&F 2.32 4. 5. This problem is almost identical with Y&F 3.5. A jet plane is flying at a constant altitude. At time t 1 = 0 it has components of velocity v 1x = 90 m/s, v 1y =110 m/s. At time t 2 = 20.0 s, the components are v 2x
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Unformatted text preview: = -170 m/s and v 2y = 40 m/s. a) Sketch the velocity vectors at t 1 and t 2 . Qualitatively, how do these vectors differ? b) Calculate the components of the average acceleration for this time interval c) Calculate the magnitude and the direction of the average acceleration for this time interval. 6. Projectile: Y&F 3.9 7. Shotputter: Y&F 3.20 Instructions and comments: One learns physics by doing problems, so you are advised to solve all problems. You will find that work done on earlier problems may help you on later ones. Note that the Quizzes in your recitation section will be taken from the homework problems (or part of homework problems). You may find it convenient to use the “Physics problem worksheet” posted on the web site (though you are not required to use this sheet). For extra help: you may attend any TA’s office hours, visit LSC in Rockefeller B14, or attend Physics 012, which meets in Rockefeller 115....
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