Weekly Response 3

Weekly Response 3 - almost nothing It has no inherent worth...

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Weekly Response #3 According to the epistemological thesis, Tabula Rasa, first introduced by Aristotle, human beings are born with no built-in mental content and knowledge is built up gradually from their experiences and sensory perceptions of the outside world. According to the sociological theory of Social Constructionism this is untrue. Social Constructionism argues that we are not blank slates, and that our thought is not developed from pure abstraction. We inherit everything we know, our modes of thought, and categories, from those that came before and those that surround us. Both our intellect and our institutions are parts of a predetermined social structure. Because of this, reality as we know it is socially constructed. Lets examine one of the most basic building blocks of society: money. In the case of American currency, the dollar is made of either cloth, paper and ink, or metal coin. Barring social context, the value of these materials is
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Unformatted text preview: almost nothing. It has no inherent worth at all. It is nearly impossible, however, to sustain an efficient society without a tangible form of currency, so instead of having a barter economy we have assigned a predetermined value to the dollar. The dollar indicates the strength of an economy, which today is Weekly Response #3 the determining factor of a nation’s power. Money is one of the single most powerful forces in the world; people devote their lives to attaining it and wars are fought over it. How can such an inherently worthless material have such a strong influence? It is because reality is socially constructed. Our society, and societies before, have given money meaning, and through this meaning we ascertain value. Since money is central to society, and it is clear that its value is socially constructed, it is evident that reality in our society, as we know it, must therefore be socially constructed....
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Weekly Response 3 - almost nothing It has no inherent worth...

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